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Accounting services:

  • Keeping accounting books according to the executive regulations.

  • Designing an accounting guide according to the activities of the company and administration reports requirements.

  • Preparing accounting entries according to the Egyptian Accounting Standards classifications.

  • Execution and updating accounting cycle and forms according to the followed auditing system to insure internal control.

Internal Auditing Services:

  • Performing internal auditing according to the Egyptian Auditing Standards and directives.

  • Performing internal auditing according to the company business guide and internal procedures.

  • Performing internal auditing according to the company executive regulations and procedures.

  • Performing internal auditing according to stock cost and control updated systems.


Taxes services:

  • Performance of the service according to the taxes laws their amendments and executive regulations, including income tax, sales tax and stamps tax.

  • Following up the application of the tax system in all related departments of the company.

  • Offering advice and different tax information at request when applying taxes laws.

  • Sending Tax Authority instructions and periodic books to the companies as soon as they are issued and offering information courses to the companies tax employees.

External audit services:

  • Performance of the profession according to the articles regulating account auditor's work according to the law no. 159 of 1981 and its executive regulations.

  • Performance of the profession according to the Egyptian and international auditing Standards.

  • Performing the auditing to ensure that all financial reports are issued according to the Egyptian Accounting Standards.
Office Desk

Company Incorporation and  administrative services:

  • Incorporation and amendment of the legal status all types of companies (individual- partnership companies- stock companies- professional companies- representations offices of foreign companies till obtaining the CR and granting the company the status of corporation and all amendments to the company incorporation memorandum and CR during the life of the company.

  • Transforming the companies and amending their legal status from partnership companies to stock companies, limited companies to joint stock companies.

Economic feasibility studies services, company fair value determination:

  • Preparing project's economic feasibility studies and investment opportunities offered in Egypt from a data base available at the Consultancy Expertise House, as well as suggesting the investments revenues of these projects.

  • Offering financial consultancy regarding the standards and principles required in determining the company fair value used in Egypt and abroad to help companies in their decision of merging, increasing capita, expansion or obtaining credit facilities from banks.

Financial Analyst
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